“We have 300 events per year. Only 10 are football games.”
—Chris Hoag, Denver Broncos

A marketing manager hosts a new client event on Friday. A wedding requires a completely new scene Saturday night. And an all-star athlete gets into the zone before the game Sunday. For any sports venue, the goal is to provide both a premium experience for its guests, while also giving teams the best possible space to prep for their game. 

From heightening the mood to setting a scene, the Audacy® Wireless Lighting Control System gives you the flexibility to ready your space regardless of the event. Designed with simple-to-install, easy-to-reconfigure components, the system is flexible enough to let you tailor the look and feel of your lighting quickly and easily.

And for the facility manager, our Audacy App lets you pre-program settings and control every function remotely from anywhere in the world thanks to its secure, cloud-based system and simple controls – giving you 24/7 custom control over your environment.

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