Premium Service for a Premium Solution

November 1, 2019

As a consumer in the digital age, where reviews and social media are available within seconds, premium customer service has become a necessity as part of the entire buying experience. When purchasing a lighting
control system, the experience should be no exception. The Audacy Controls team goes above and beyond to ensure that every customer is receiving the best treatment -, from interacting with our sales team, to specification, to installation.

The team from Audacy Wireless Controls interacts with the customers using a in a much more very  “hands-on” approach. Prior to installation, Audacy Sales Managers will answer any questions about the installation to mitigate the customer’s buying risk as much as possible. For a more complex installation, multiple members of the team can be brought in on a consultative basis to ensure that all facets are covered.

“They sat down with various members of our team … [to make] sure we understood the flexibility of the system so that we can continue to change it and alter it as we learn more about what our needs will be in our new space… It felt like they became part of our construction team when they were onsite.”

Carl Rice, Vice President – Wrigley Field Restoration and Expansion, Chicago Cubs

The Audacy team ensures that every member involved with the installation and interaction of the system completely understands its capabilities and, just as importantly, whom to contact if questions issues arise. Field Support Engineers are always accessible for questions, even after the system is installed and commissioning is completed.

If there are questions after the initial Field Support Engineer site visit, a customer will never have to wait in a customer service hotline queue or get stuck in an email chain before they talk to a real person. The Audacy Customer Service team is dedicated to providing a top-tier experience with every interaction.

“The level of service and support that Audacy provides to our agency and customers is remarkable!"

Joe Fisher - Fisher Lighting and Control

To experience Audacy Customer Service first-hand, contact an Audacy sales manager today. Our goal is to ensure that your occupants have as premium of an experience as you do with the Audacy Solution, to help you see your world in a better light.