Hospitals aren't typically known for their inviting nature. But by creating a more optimally lit environment, it’s shown that healthcare facilities can start reducing depression among patients, decreasing length of stay in hospitals, improving sleep, and much more.

This is where the Audacy® Wireless Lighting Control System shines. It’s designed with top-of-the-line, energy-efficient technology that takes scheduling, ambient light, and occupancy into account to provide spaces with the right amount of light in the right place at the right time – improving the feel of a room, heightening the mood, and creating a proper healing environment for a better overall patient experience.

Additionally, the Audacy System’s quick installation takes minutes instead of hours, days instead of weeks, getting you up and running 85% faster than traditional wired systems. And when maintenance time comes, the simple-to-change components will allow the hospital to get back to their patients in a timely manner.

System Components

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