Single Room Controller


Standalone or networkable device perfect for small spaces that has capabilities for on/off, 0-10V dimming and occupancy/vacancy.

The Audacy Single Room Controller combines the functionality of a Wall-Mount Switch, Motion Sensor, and Luminaire Controller into one device. It fits into a standard wallbox and uses a decora-style faceplate to blend into any aesthetic. The SRC2100 has on/off and 0-10V dimming capabilities, and its Motion Sensor can be used in both occupancy and vacancy modes. Perfect for use in small spaces, the Audacy Single Room Controller can be used as a standalone device. Additionally, it can send room data to a wireless Gateway when integrated into a larger Audacy Wireless Lighting Control solution.

When used as a standalone solution, the Single Room Controller easily manages small spaces, such as private offices, utility closets, or mechanical rooms. Once the Single Room Controller is networked into a larger Audacy wireless lighting control system, it becomes part of a more functional and versatile system that can provide features such as off-site control via a mobile device, room status and energy consumption reporting, and scheduling. The Audacy Wireless Controls system can be used to provide compliance with ASHRAE 90.1-2016 and CA Title 24 requirements.

As with all Audacy Wireless Controls system components, the Audacy Single Room Controller vastly reduces installation time and costs versus a typical wired system alternative. Whether it is from the simple installation into a wallbox or an easy integration into a networked Audacy system, time saved is money saved.