Audacy® Wireless Lighting Control is a division of IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC., a family-owned, professionally run company with a 100-year history of building relationships, providing top customer service and setting the standard for products that serve technicians and workers across a wide range of industries, from electrical and construction to aerospace and automotive.

As a trusted partner to our customers, employees, and the communities we serve, IDEAL and many of our brands are focused on building spaces, all while keeping an eye toward the future and continuing to build a track record of innovation across all of our businesses.

The Audacy System is the premier, advanced wireless lighting control system. Crafted at the intersection of simple and innovative, the Audacy System reimagines wireless lighting control and represents the streamlined future state of lighting technology for commercial, industrial, education, retail, healthcare, entertainment and other uses.

With the Audacy System, an entire building, even an entire campus, can be controlled from a tablet or phone. With both AC and LVDC solutions, it allows architects, engineers and facilities managers to create impactful spaces and environments that enhance the mood, set the scene, and allow the people to be at their best. Wrigley Field, Perkins+Will and UCLA are just a few of the institutions and businesses that are lighting their future today.

Designed to take scheduling, ambient light and occupancy into account for ideal lighting levels, the Audacy Solution saves up to 50% on lighting energy costs. Additionally, it saves on time thanks to components that are quick to install and easy to maintain, getting you up and running 85% faster than traditional wired systems with wireless devices that have up to 25 years of maintenance-free battery life.

We provide 24/7 custom control over your environment with mobile apps available for both Apple and Android platforms, as well as the ability to integrate with an existing Building Automation System.

All in all, the Audacy Wireless Lighting Control System is the intuitive, smart system that gives you the power to see your world in a better light.

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